New Beginnings Animal Rescue

Rehoming your pet with New Beginnings Animal Rescue


Space is always a limitation, please contact us ASAP if you think you may need to surrender your cat in the not too distant future. If we have room to accept your cat into our care, we ask that your bring the animal in a secured carrier. We also require any and all vet papers and documentation you have for your animal.

In the case we don't have room we will ask that you continue to care for your cat until a permanent home is found. We will place your cat on our Adoptable Pets page.

For our Adoptable Pets page, please be sure to include:

Depending on the medical and disposition of the animal you are surrendering, we charge a give-up fee of $25-50 per animal.

Please email us to discuss surrendering your cat(s) and to request give-up forms.


We are primarily a cat rescue, and do not have the resources to take dogs into our care. If you need to surrender your dog, we highly recommend you search for a rescue that deals more with dogs, as most people searching our site are looking for cats.

If you cannot continue to care for your pet, we suggest searching on for shelters/rescues in the area that would be able to help you.

**NBAR does NOT accept stray animals! If you have found a lost dog or cat, contact your local non-emergency police about the animal and where to take him/her.
We do not handle wildlife such as rabbits, birds, squirrels, etc.**